3 Key Steps to Business Success

The world we enjoy today has blossomed from the shoulders of ideas planted by some known and some unknown giants of yesterday. These ideas have flowed through many facets of business development in goals of ultimate success. Where some may have reached the goal and thrived within the business world, others have tried and missed … Continue reading 3 Key Steps to Business Success

A Quality Experience

In an ever-growing competitive world of business, everyone strives to be the best in their craft, whether that is an art form, service, product or skill. As perfection is the most sought after perception of most entrepreneurs and business industries, it still sits to be more of an imaginary goal. With businesses in every industry … Continue reading A Quality Experience

Business Failures lead to Success

Every year thousands of new businesses are formed, of these an estimated 20% fail in the first year. Projected about 50% of the remaining businesses fail in the second year, so how is it that there are so many functioning businesses that prosper? Resilience, as a reputable man stated “I have not failed, I’ve just … Continue reading Business Failures lead to Success

Marketing v. Sales

The number of aspiring entrepreneurs grows daily for numerous reasons, you often hear people say things like you don’t need school, most successful entrepreneurs dropped out. Although it is not a lie, people find every possible formula based on a multitude of conversations and concepts picked up by the very few that made it. What … Continue reading Marketing v. Sales

Dawn of the Customer Employee

Over the past few years a new age has been brewing, a time where customers are using the competitiveness within the service industries to be compensated. Services used on the day to day by people around the world from health care, credit cards, realtor commissions to cell phone and home services are being negotiated and … Continue reading Dawn of the Customer Employee